n. dryǧāndarīǧān’ (technical term of astrol.: a section of a tripartite division of a sign)
  1. Alcab. diff. IV, li. 246: Et ex hoc addorungen. Hoc est ut dividas ascendens per tres partes

    Yama.: ومن ذلك الدريجان وهو أن تقسم الطالع بثلاثة أقسام

  1. 1 Alcab.
[ The Arabic term is not documented in Lisān, Freytag, Lane, Dozy and Wehr. ]

< Arabic al-darīǧān < Persian darīgān < Sanskrit dreṣkāṇa. See EIr s.v. ‘horoscope’. For the doctrine of darīǧān see chapter V.16 in Albu. Intro. JS. The Latin term does not appear in MLW, DMLBS and LLNMA.

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