الباساal-bāsā (?)

n. bāsā al-Bāsā (?) (unidentified Persian name of the constellation Bootes) (astr.)
  1. Albu. Intro. JS 225, 470: Et ascendit in tercia facie Virginis extrema Nathis Albece

    Lemay 381, 288: ويطلع في الوجه الثالث من السنبلة النصف الآخر من باطس اي الباسا

  1. 1 Albu. Intro. JS

Possibly corrupt for Arabic al-nābīnā < Persian nābīnā ‘blind’. Lemay 1995, vol. III, 450–451. The Latin term is not documented in MLW, DMLBS and LLNMA. Cf. elbeice.

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