n. bstbust’ (technical term of astrol.)
  1. Alcab. diff. IV, li. 299: Et ex hoc albuzt, et est res quam valde observabant Indi

  2. Alcab. diff. IV, li. 307: Et quidam dicunt quod albuzt sit hoc: quod post coniunctionem sint .xii. hore inequales que vocantur combuste

    Yama.: وقال قوم البست هو أن تعدّ بعد الاجتماع اثنتا عشرة ساعة زمانية تسمّى محترقة

  1. 2 Alcab.
[ The Arabic term is not documented in Lisān, Freytag, Lane, Dozy and Wehr. ]

< Arabic al-bust, probably < Sanskrit viṣṭi. Pingree 1976, 176. Kunitzsch 1977, 39, fn. 79. The Latin term is not documented in MLW, DMLBS and LLNMA.

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