بالسطاء وأدونيسBālisṭāʾ wa-Adūnīs

n. (vocalization uncertain) + n. bālsṭāʾ ʾdwnys Bālisṭāʾ (?) and Adonis (astr.)
  1. Albu. Intro. JS 227, 533: Et est super caput duorum hominum, suntque capitibus eorum duo cornua involuta unum super alterum, nominanturque Acethaueruis

    Lemay 383, 326: وهو فوق رأس السائس لرأسهما قرنان ملتويان أحدهما على الآخَر يسمّيان بالسطاء وادونيس

  1. 1 Albu. Intro. JS

< Arabic. Cf. Lemay 1995, vol. III, 456. The Latin term is not documented in MLW, DMLBS and LLNMA. The Latin translator read the first letter bāʾ as a preposition and the two proper names as one.

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