aliouze (or: alioze)



n. ǧwzal-ǧawzāʾ’ (lit. ‘crossing the middle’, i.e. of the sky) (name of the constellation Gemini) (astr.)
  1. Ptol. Almag. no. XXIV: Stellatio geminorum et sunt aliouze

    Kuni.: كوكبة التوءمين وهو الجوزاء

  1. 1 Ptol. Almag.

Kunitzsch 1974, no. XXIV.

[ See Lane. ]


n. ǧwnAlioth (star name: ε Ursae Majoris) (astr.) (lit. ‘the intensely coloured’)
  1. Ptol. Almag. no. 23, Baily 33: Prima trium que sunt super caudam et est alioze

    Kuni. version u, see fn.31: الأول من الثلاثة التى على الذنب وهو الذى هو الجون

  1. 1 Ptol. Almag.

The Latin translator obviously read al-ǧawzāʾ ‘Gemini’ instead of al-ǧawn. Kunitzsch 1959, 121–123, no. 29. Kunitzsch/Smart 2006, 56.

< Arabic. The Latin terms are not documented in MLW, DMLBS and LLNMA.

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