annaubaharat (pl.)

نوبهراتnawbahrāt (pl. of nawbahra)

n. nwbhrnawbahrāt’ (ninth-parts of a sign) (astrol.)
  1. Alcab. diff. IV, li. 226: Et ex hoc annaubaharat, que sunt novenarie

    Yama.: ومن ذلك النوبهرات وهي الأتساع

  1. 1 Alcab.
[ The Arabic term is not documented in Lisān, Freytag, Lane, Dozy and Wehr. ]

< Arabic al-nawbahrāt (pl.) < Middle Persian nō-bahrag. Pingree 1997, 67. The Latin term is not documented in MLW, DMLBS and LLNMA.

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