n. ṣndlsandalwood (bot.)
  1. Albu. Intro. JS 222, 350: Et eius mansio est in pomerio in quo nascitur assandal

  2. Albu. Intro. JS 229, 578: quod ascendat in hac facie Canis ... et varii modi venationis, habitacula omnium ortus assandal

    Lemay 384, 357: أنَّه يطلع في هذا الوجه كلب ... وضروب من الصيد مسكنها كلّها أجمة الصندل

  1. 2 Albu. Intro. JS
[ Dietrich 1993, no. 38. ]

< Arabic al-ṣandal < Persian čandal < Sanskritčandana. Lokotsch 1927, no. 1825. Kiesler 1994, no. 280. The Latin term is not documented in MLW, DMLBS and LLNMA.

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