blatta bisancia

أظفار الطيبaẓfār al-ṭīb

genit. compound ẓfr ṭybclaws of fragrance (the upper part of certain water snails, which was used as a fragrance) (zool.)
  1. Albuzale Simp. §11.30: Blatta bisancia calida et sicca in secundo. Fumus eius valet epilencie

    Laba.: أظفار الطيب حارّ يابس في الثانية دخانه ينفع من الصرع والمالنخونيا

  2. Albuzale Simp. §17.4: Blatta bisancia est calida et sicca in secundo. Quando bibitur de ea pondus 2 arens cum aqua, extrahit sanguinem congelatum de renibus et vesica

  1. 2 Albuzale Simp.
[ Dietrich 1988, no. II 6. ]

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