dauebath (or: dauebat, deuebah)


n. ḏʾbcurl, lock (of hair); tip, end (of a headband) (in star descriptions)
  1. Albu. Intro. JS 225, 451: Et ascendit homo habens dauebath

    Lemay 381, 277: ويطلع إنسان صاحب ذؤابة

  2. Albu. Intro. JS 232, 678: Et ascendit in hac facie … summitas deuebah Sagittarii

    Lemay 386, 419: ويطلع في هذا الوجه … طرف ذؤابة الرامي

  1. 3 also s.v. al-ramy Albu. Intro. JS

< Arabic. Kunitzsch 1974, no. 402. Kunitzsch 1986, 110, fn. 5. The Latin terms are not documented in MLW, DMLBS and LLNMA.

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