n. ṯqbpiercing, drilling (n.)
  1. Avic. Qual. 65, 9: Et de natura scissionis est ratio et circumferentia, vel scissio est [ sic ] perforatio, delabratio et fissio

    Qass. 245, 1: ومن أنواع القطع الحرد والخرط والنقر والنشر والثقب والحفر

  1. 1 Avic. Qual.

Van Riet 1989, 65 fn. Cf. DMLBS s.v. dolabratio ‘hewing’. Perhaps delabratio was meant to translate našr ‘sawing’, while perforatio translates ṯaqb ‘piercing’, thus inverting the sequence of the Arabic terms.

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