n. ʾmrwsyāambrosia (i.e. a certain herb, probably mugwort or hogweed) (bot.)
  1. Ǧazzār Obl. §22: Et alie calide confectiones que non sunt laxative, ut … diagalanga, penthethicum, emirosia

    Bos 34, 103: فأمّا سائر الأدوية الحارّة المركّبة مثل … جوارش الخولنجان والغاريقون والأمروسيا

  1. Ǧazzār Obl.
[ Dietrich 1988, no. III 108. The Arabic term is not documented in Lisān, Freytag, Lane, Dozy and Wehr. ]

< Arabic < Greek ἀμβροσία. The Latin term is not documented in MLW, DMLBS and LLNMA.

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